Dive into the 2024 restaurant technology landscape.
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Our members-only section is live!

This exciting change has been made to elevate your experience and ensure convenient access to our exclusive content and resources. As part of this transition, yesterday an email was sent to each member with instructions on how to set up your account. Simply go through the "Lost Password" reset process using the email address that is registered for the former members-only site.Β 

Dive into the National Restaurant Association's 2024 Restaurant Technology Landscape Report

The Restaurant Technology Landscape Report 2024 delves into the diverse expectations consumers have regarding tech in different dining scenarios such as full-service or quick-service restaurants as well as when ordering delivery to their homes. The report also highlights generational differences in preferences.

Building upon the technology insights from the State of the Restaurant Industry report, this data provides a deeper understanding of the role of technology in the restaurant sector. Access now on our new members only section!

Join us at the National Restaurant Association Public Affairs Conference and Hill Day

During National Restaurant Association Public Affairs Conference and Hill Day, April 15-17, we will advocate for the Credit Card Competition Act to reduce credit card processing fees and urge lawmakers to revise the Federal Trade Commission draft rule on service fees, delivery fees and other charges. Your input is crucial in explaining to CongressΒ 

why these fees are not junk fees. Don't miss the exciting program April 16 and the opportunity to meet individually with Washington state delegation offices April 17. For more information and registration, contact John Lane at

Do you feel handcuffed to your payment processing or equipment?

Many equipment and payment processing companies are proprietary, meaning to have one, you must have the other. With our processing, we've broken that link. We can connect with many options that free you to have more say. Find out if we can connect you with your dream equipment.

Also, register for our Payment Processing Priorities webinar at 10 a.m., April 24 to learn about the top three things to consider when you are ready to shop.

Members say our business insurance customer service is 10⭐

Three members, Krema & CO, LLC, Jean's Cottage Inn and Drop Anchor Seafood & Grill, all raved about our team's expertise, support and customer service. The business insurance market is tough as nails right now, so you need experts on your side to determine you're getting the best.

Testimonials used with permission.Β 

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Toolkit of the Month

It's officially spring: Celebrate by Going Green🍀

Spring has arrived which brings to mind the environment. This makes it a great time to turn our attention to our Going Green toolkit. This toolkit is a collection of pages designed to assist you in being compliant with sustainable initiatives.Β 

Within these pages you will find different resources to help you meet mandatory requirements as well as voluntary options if you are seeking to integrate environmentally friendly operations in your business.


Live webinar! Certified Food Protection Manager and Person in Charge: What's the difference?

The Washington State Department of Health requires a Certified Food Protection Manager in every restaurant, as well as a Person in Charge.

Join Susan Shelton of the Department of Health to learn more about these positions. Our ServSafe instructor, James Grigsby, will join us to discuss how a ServSafe Manager class can help your employees earn this certification.

We’ll meet at 10 a.m., April 9.

[Ask a Lawyer] Salary transparency unveiled: Navigating new job posting policies

A recent Seattle Times article highlighted the increasing number of class action lawsuits filed against business owners alleging non-compliance with the state’s pay transparency requirements for job postings. We have heard from multiple members that this is happening to them.

Join Catherine Morisset, an employment attorney from Fisher Phillips to learn the rules of pay transparency in this members-only webinar at 10 a.m., April 10.

Payment Processing Priorities: The top 3 things to consider when you’re ready to shop

Payment processing is essential to running your business. In this educational session, the Washington Hospitality Association’s Payment Solutions manager and hospitality expert, Sean McHugh, will review the top three things members need to consider. Submit your questions to, and we’ll make sure they're answered.

Join us at 10 a.m. on April 24.

ServSafe Manager is ANSI certified and satisfies the new Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) requirement in the state food code that went into effect in 2023.

Read more about this requirement here.

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