The AHLA announces interim president and CEO.
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Date changed! Live webinar: [Ask a Lawyer] Salary transparency unveiled

Please note that the date of this webinar has been moved to 10 a.m., April 10. If you have previously registered, there is no need to sign up again as your registration has been transferred to the new date.

A recent Seattle Times article highlighted the increasing number of class action lawsuits filed against business owners alleging non-compliance with the state’s pay transparency requirements for job postings. We have heard from multiple members that this is happening to them.

Join Catherine Morisset, an employment attorney from Fisher Phillips to learn the rules of pay transparency in this members-only webinar at 10 a.m., April 10.

California voters tentatively approve $29.50 minimum wage for certain hotel workers

As rising costs and increasing minimum wages impact businesses in Washington, we’re also keeping a close watch on similar issues emerging in nearby states. 

Voters in Long Beach, California tentatively approved a local ballot measure that would increase the minimum wage for certain hotel workers to $29.50 per hour by 2028. The wage increase would apply to hotels with 100 or more guest rooms.

Franchising model restored as court blocks NLRB rule on joint-employer status

A recent court decision blocking the National Labor Relations Board ruling brings relief to hoteliers and franchised businesses. The decision reinstates franchisees control over their own operations and provides clarity in employee-employer relationships. This

victory for the American Hotel & Lodging Association and other business groups ensures protection from undue liability and safeguards against confusion with independent contractors.

AHLA announces departure of Chip Rogers; names interim president

The AHLA announced that Chip Rogers stepped down from his position on March 1 to pursue other professional interests. In the interim, Rogers’ position will be filled by Kevin Carey, who is also still serving as vice president and chief operating officer.

Join us at the National Restaurant Association Public Affairs Conference and Hill Day

During National Restaurant Association Public Affairs Conference and Hill Day, April 15-17, we will advocate for the Credit Card Competition Act to reduce credit card processing fees and urge lawmakers to revise the Federal Trade Commission draft rule on service fees, delivery fees and other charges. Your input is crucial in explaining to Congress 

why these fees are not junk fees. Don't miss the exciting program April 16 and the opportunity to meet individually with Washington state delegation offices April 17. For more information and registration, contact John Lane at

🚫 Say no to termed processing agreements

When you sign a multi-year agreement with a processor, you give up your control. With the Washington Hospitality Association's Payment Solutions, we don't have contracts, which puts you back in control. Our rate is locked-in for the life of the program and we want to give you the lowest rate possible. Get a savings analysis today.

Questions? Attend our Payment Processing Priorities webinar at 10 a.m., April 24.

Train employees to be cyberattack aware

With our new partnership with Upfort, the association's cybersecurity insurance comes with employee training and phishing simulations to prevent cybercrime. Be proactive with training and insure your business against ransomware, business interruption and more should the worst come to pass.

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Toolkit of the Month

It's officially spring: Celebrate by Going Green🍀

Today is the first day of spring which brings to mind the environment. This makes it a great time to turn our attention to our Going Green toolkit. This toolkit is a collection of pages designed to assist you in being compliant with sustainable initiatives. 

Within these pages you will find different resources to help you meet mandatory requirements as well as voluntary options if you are seeking to integrate environmentally friendly operations in your business.


Last call! Introducing an IRS tax credit specifically for restaurants and bars, with Adesso Capital

Gratuities fuel your business and it’s time you took advantage of the unique tax benefits afforded to you. The FICA Gratuity Credit is a federal tax credit for employers with gratuity-driven employees.

Join us 10 a.m., tomorrow for an educational session on this credit and how it can benefit your business.

Live webinar: The Hospitality Profit: P&L management for front and back managers

P&L management is critical at the manager level yet financial training is often little and far between. 

Please join Rick Braa, CEO of AMP, for a session focused on the most important financial report card in your restaurant at 10 a.m., March 27.

Live webinar! Certified Food Protection Manager and Person in Charge: What's the difference?

The Washington State Department of Health requires a Certified Food Protection Manager in every restaurant, as well as a Person in Charge.

Join Susan Shelton of the Department of Health to learn more about these positions. Our ServSafe instructor, James Grigsby, will join us to discuss how a ServSafe Manager class can help your employees earn this certification.

We’ll meet at 10 a.m., April 9.

Payment Processing Priorities: The top 3 things to consider when you’re ready to shop

Payment processing is essential to running your business. In this educational session, the Washington Hospitality Association’s Payment Solutions manager and hospitality expert, Sean McHugh, will review the top three things members need to consider. Submit your questions to, and we’ll make sure they're answered.

Join us at 10 a.m. on April 24.

ServSafe Manager is ANSI certified and satisfies the new Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) requirement in the state food code that went into effect in 2023.

Read more about this requirement here.

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